Copper Storage Disease Research Paper

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Copper Storage Disease
Bedlington terriers with high liver values, necrotizing livers, lethargy, vomiting, ascites, icterus, and abdominal pain can all describe the devastating news of the Copper Storage Disease. Pets with this disease are infected for the rest of their life and can even give this disease to their offspring. However, there is hope! With special diets, vitamins, supplements, medication, and love and care, pets with this disease can still have a life with their family and loved ones.
The copper storage disease is very well described in its own name. This disease occurs when the liver receives excess copper and cannot excrete it through the bile, which is the normal metabolism of copper . Nevertheless the liver is not functioning as it normally does and the body cannot excrete the copper, which leads to toxicities. Copper toxicosis is considered to be a secondary disorder in the liver that can lead to primary liver diseases such as chronic hepatitis, hepatic necrosis, and cirrhosis. Furthermore, the copper storage disease can be passed down through generations. The reason for this is because of the DNA marker, which is an autosomal recessive gene that can be passed down to offspring from the sire or dam . Therefore, this
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One way to treat this disease is through nutrition. Feeding a copper restricted diet such as Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hepatic Formula Dry Dog Food could help prohibit further intestinal absorption of copper. In contrast, medications have also been proven to help with the clinical signs associated with this disease. Some medications can include: penicillamine, calcium versenate (in the early stages), zinc acetate, and trientine. Zinc acetate, however, has been considered the treatment of choice because hepatic function has shown to improve and even return to normal with long-term treatment

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