Controversial Development Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Peoples Struggle For Rights And Freedoms

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The 1967 referendum is a very significant key development in aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples struggle for rights and freedoms. On the 27th of May in the year 1967 the federal government, who at the time was Harold Holt called a federal referendum to be put in place. The Holt government had an amendment to be approved relating to the only two discriminatory laws included in the Australian constitution. This referendum altered the balance of the inequity intended for to the aboriginals which strictly was a vote on the alteration of the constitution. Although, this referendum did give the indigenous Australians or Torres Strait Islanders the right to vote. This was a major endorsement, seeing the highest YES vote recorded in Australian history winning 90.77% of votes in the favour of the indigenous Australians in all the Australian states and territories becoming law on the 10th of august. The first source in the retroactive2 textbook delineates the two sections of the constitution outlining the discriminatory law segment. The two main segments of the constitution that put the aboriginals under scrutiny were section 51 and section 127. These two were known as the movement within the political change in indigenous affairs. Section 51 of the national constitution deprived of the commonwealth government the ability and authority to create rules for the indigenous Australians. The 127th section involved the segregation of the aborigines from the Australian census. The…

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