Controlling Control Of The United States Essay

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Controlling Control In many ways the United States has taken the ideas of our forefathers and sculpted them into ways they work in our modern country. The government is proactive and has listened to people about uprising issues. Year to year our country seems to sprout new controversies. One in particular many countries have encountered is the idea of control. How do we regulate and work against forces such as race and poverty to keep our citizens safe under all circumstances? The idea of control is broad but we have put in place active members of our country to stand on the front lines to keep our citizens safe. The police and military. Within their power can sometimes cause the rise of the question, how much power is too much power? Police brutality is an uprising and a modern day problem on a laundry list of issues our country is working to fix. But when trying to figure out how to change this problem we also have to ask ourselves what might be the underlying issue.
Over the last few years, police violence in America has grown into a national issue. This year alone at least 895 people were killed by police and those are just the reported cases (The Washington Post). Clearly something needs to change in the legal system if this continues. In order to change any laws concerning how the law enforcement system works though, lawmakers need to find the root of police violence in
America. It is hard to pinpoint any one such cause, as this problem is much more…

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