Controlling Relationships In Breathing Underwater

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We’ve all seen friends and families who have been in a controlling relationship and we all have tried to say something to them about or at least tried to help them leave the relationship or try to help them seek out advice to fix the relationship? “Breathing Underwater” tells a story of boy who controls his girlfriend in many different ways and even hits her. Controlling relationships deal damage on both people involved with it and sometimes the friends and families caught in the crossfire of it. The relationship would affect the mind and body negatively and will cause tremendous stress to them and other people try to help. The relationship would cause psychological break downs and the both would start to develop anxiety and then depression, …show more content…
Nick wants Caitlin to only need him and rely on him, there are moments in the story where he tells her not to go to places or not to do things because it would embarrass the both of them or other guys would see her or the friends she hangs out with aren’t cool enough to hang out with his friends. There is an example of this when Nick tries to get Caitlin to stop hanging with her best friend and more of him. Nick and Caitlin would go on dates and Nick would drive well Caitlin’s best friend would tag along with them on the dates and drives they would have and just push herself in-between them and ruin their whole date because Caitlin’s best friend didn’t like nick at all and not even the slightest. Cait wanted to go to a football game once in the story and nick told her she shouldn’t go because he didn’t want her to be surrounded by other guys without him so that made him scared so he kept saying negative things to her then called her a name a sort of made her cry after that she decided she didn’t want to go anymore ”Cat you’re not going to go to the game without me right”(83,Flinn). Nick made Caitlin choose between him and so many other things that she wanted to do but he just simply wouldn’t let her be without him or have any type of attention from other people because it made him extremely

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