Essay on Contrasting Acts Of Terrorism And Terrorism

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Contrasting Acts of Terrorism
The very mention of the words terrorism and terrorist incites a variety of negative emotions for most people. An individual’s dread of bodily harm or worries about the condition of the state creates a condition of extreme fear. (Levav) There are two very different aspects of terrorism affecting our world today. There are the physical acts of terroristic violence, and there is cyber terrorism. Whether it’s physical terrorism or cyber terrorism, the psychological affects on today’s society remain very similar; an underlying feeling of anxiety. However, there are differences in the execution of both types of terrorism, and there is a contrast in the way we combat them.

While modern physical terrorism and cyber terrorism both seem like different ends of the terror spectrum, they both have the same basic psychological impact on society. They provoke fear and disrupt daily lives by creating an uncertainty. (Levav) In the event of a cyber attack on critical infrastructure, terrorists could halt the stock market or power grid, crippling any society today. In fact, a recent CNBC article, “Cyber terrorists to target critical infrastructure” noted that, “A cyber terror attack on vital national infrastructure such as power facilities, transport networks and the financial sector could be imminent.”(Ellyatt) Similarly, a physical attack of the New York stock exchange could cause a devastating cascading effect due to the extreme vulnerability of public…

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