Iran Cyber War Essay

A majority of Americans express disappointment with our current direction in politics, just look at the current presidential election. We have two main candidates that appear ill-suited for the job, but they remain legit candidate all the way to election day. Before the campaign became the headlines, the status of the Iran deal was on the news. We planned to sign a deal with Iran on nuclear limits and methods of regulation. However, the deal was to remove sanctions on Iran for nuclear weapons, Iran refused to sign the deal. This deal was favoring them but still refuse to sign. Why refuse a deal favoring your terms?

Like many Americans, David Rothkopf is able to see why we were willing to sign a deal with absurd terms with Iran. David Rothkopf
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With many people having the tools right at their fingertips, being a terrorist is easier than you think. Likewise, terrorists can be oceans apart, but be a threat right at our living rooms. Therefore, our old tactics will no longer be relevant in ensuring our safety and livelihood, we are no longer fighting a physical war. It’s a cyber war now. Since our government is trying to hide these cyber attacks from the public, we can’t help wonder why. This is due to the most remember event in the early 2000’s, 9/11, because we have been so scarred by this event that our very politics drastically shifted in fear of another attack ( Staff 1). Unfortunately, this event was a wake-up call for America, we are no longer untouchable thanks to the internet connecting to the entire world. According to John Muller, an American television journalist at ABC News, we were given false information that Al-Qaeda was a small organization at the time. In fact, it was actually few thousand members who pledged loyalty, now it has become a virus ( “Terrorism” 1). The fact that the American people were given false information and that we could have prevented such a disaster, it doesn’t give much faith in our

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