Contradiction In The British Empire

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To look at the british empire as a contradiction because it restricted choices, but also created opportunities for many people across the world is a viewpoint of a binary nature, one could critically evaluate the merit of this argument,

The british empire became the process of enabling narratives to branch out from their brackets. For strange, unusual and unlikely things to occur to people. Specifically those that were colonised, to be more than the oppressed to inform their lives through much more than just reaction. They became these individuals of great significance for the way that they changed society. a change necessary enabling people to resist and live in a society dominated by these authorities still intact in our present day society.!

One of the opportunities created by the British empire was that of the huge influx of asians namely indians who came and lived in England, where they could work, study or mingle with the fabulously disgusting and repulsive twazack producing english monarchy.

The presence of contradiction in our lives is unquestionable. Where our actions or presence enable the reaction or manifestation of other things. Thus equally relevant to The British Empire.
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The conceptions of piracy was heaved in moral bankruptcy, and supposed lack dignity. But it appears this world was the exact opposite of that. The world of the pirate was one which dropped the laws of society and with that the socially prescribed norms of prejudice and difference. A world of free woman and men who practiced a very free and spontaneous existence at sea! Many of those that adopted this world of the outlasted and ostracised peoples of society. Woman, people of colour or men constrained by there sexual orientation.. They were allowed the to escape the social stratification of society, and become free fairing men and

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