Contoso Corporation Case Study

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A. Risk Register
Contoso Corporation is an international Information Technology (IT) training and consulting services provider headquartered in San Diego, CA. It also has offices in Toronto, Canada and Mexico City, Mexico. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Contoso offers training courses for Microsoft products and services. To reduce its costs and expand its offering to a global audience, Contoso recently shifted its training focus from instructor-led classes at physical training centers to the virtual training model in the cloud. The virtual labs platform is hosted and managed by its cloud hosting provider in Chicago, IL. Contoso consulting division offers consulting services to large enterprises in the North American market for Microsoft, Cisco,
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Risk Response
1. Cyberattacks
The protect Contoso’s valuable assets and data from cyberattacks, all hardware and software should be kept up-to-date. The software should be patched regularly and hardware bios and firmware updated as soon as it becomes available. While it’s difficult to completely eliminate human error, strong measures should be taken to minimize the human error because it’s the weakest security link. Other measures to mitigate cyberattacks include multi-factor authentication and cybersecurity training for all the employees.
2. Power Outage
Although Contoso doesn’t have much control over the power outages, there are some measures can be taken to minimize the risks. For example, the students should be instructed to catch up on the labs after the power has been restored, or the labs should be made available to the students for additional time outside the class hours. Students can also be given the option to sit in a future class, at no charge, to go through all the labs and attend the lectures only if they want to. These options can easily mitigate the power outage risk without imposing any financial burden on Contoso.
3. Courseware
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If one carrier is unable to deliver on time, a different carrier should be used, if necessary. If the delivery is delayed due to a weather-related issue in one city (e.g. Toronto), the courseware should be shipped from a different office (e.g. San Diego). In cases where the order was mishandled, the courseware should be shipped as soon as the error is discovered, overnight if necessary, because there is a sufficient lead time for the shipment of courseware. In addition, students can be emailed a PDF copy of the curriculum, which they can either print out or read it in the PDF

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