Context Of The Living Room Seating Essays

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Context: At home in the living room seating in the couch in front of the television, still wearing the cloths from school and playing video games online with his classmates and friends, while having dinner. The child who is a boy is 13 years old and is in 8th grade, is also my little brother. There are nobody else in the living room but him, the dog and I.

Objective observation: The child takes a bite of his meal almost every two min, holding the control with his left hand the spoon with his right hand. He pause for two-second chewing his food to finish his mission on the video game. One minute after he put the control down on the couch and try to fit as much food as he can on his mouth. After a few min he put the food down and grab the control to play. He talking to his friends through a microphone, with different voice volumes, he madly screen in one-second “ Kill him, kill him” the other second he would laugh. He play his video game the whole 30 min of my observation, only standing up to take the dish to the kitchen. On the last mins of my observation he throw the control on the couch of anger then he immediately pick up and stared playing again.

Subjective observation: Based on my observation the child behave the ways he does because he turn out everything else around him because he reached a state of flow. I believe based on the way he throw the control with so much anger that he lost the mission he was playing with his friends…

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