Contempory Nursing Aboriginal Nurses Essay

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These six Aboriginal Rns would have two major issues to begin their new career. One initial problem would be there being ex-students and new to the professional field of nursing. Being ex-students’ becomes quite an issue for new RNs. Acceptance by more experienced staff in the field, still treated as students and not fully accepted as RNs. These newly qualified RNs have to prove themselves to other staff. A difficult burden to carry when attempting to learn the new system, get to know different staff as well as give an efficient and effective nursing service to patients. This occurs when they are acknowledged, their demonstrated skills, education, training and form professional relationships. Raises another issue in our study as the new …show more content…
Such ‘White Privilege’ was demonstrates when the Aboriginal nurses were placed in a situation of ‘other’ as suffered in the case of the young RN’s.
Durey and Thompson (2012) as cited in Social Work with Indigenous Communities, Briskman (2014) argue that an Anglo Australian biomedical model of health care is embraced by those employed as health care providers where policy makers and those in positions of power and privilege accept and work within the model and its framework. Pholi, Black and Richards (2009) as cited by Briskman (2014) suggest that this individualistic approach with its focus on ‘individual’ within his/her social structure does not embrace the dynamics of Indigenous Australia and their culture. The model has an absence of focus on culture, structural inequalities, dynamics and collective power within the Indigenous community and the model cannot be used to the extent of its’ intent. The young RN’s would have entered and experienced this biomedical model of health care and its Western forms. Dominance and power, are forms of workplace discrimination that eventually led to their resignations. The psychological effects for at least one of our students resulted in her need for counselling.
Durey,Wynaden,Thompson,Davidson,Bessarab and Katzenellen ,(2012)found in their inquiry many shortcomings between Indigenous people and our non indigenous within our health system, postulating more Aboriginal health professional in the health care system and proposing a

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