Contagion Movie Analysis

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My interest in the spread of infectious diseases sparked after I watched ‘Contagion’, a film that demonstrated the effects of a worldwide epidemic. The speed and severity of the situation of the epidemic in the film really intrigued and encouraged me to delve deeper into the issue of epidemics. At first, I didn’t understand just how mathematics fit in the notion of an epidemic; however, after further research, I realized that the spread of infectious diseases is actually completely based on math itself. In this research paper, I will be investigating and modeling the spread of infectious diseases through the SIR model.

Infectious diseases have made significant impacts on human life across the world. For example, the 1918 Spanish
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However, the change in the compartments is not very clear from only 10 sets of data. Hence, more data can be collected and tabulated using the formulae in order to give a better representation of this

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