Contact, After The Tragic Loss Of Her Father And Mother Essay example

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Session four Writing Assignment
In the movie Contact, after the tragic loss of her father and mother, Doctor Eleanor Arroway finds herself questioning her faith in God. As a scientist, she spends most of her adult life trying to find evidence of extraterrestrial life on other planets. The film not only touches your heart but also gives you the insight into her atheist worldview and the reasoning behind her beliefs. The movie makes a connection between religion, science, and politics.
Although I personally do not share Ellie’s worldview as an atheist, I can relate to her confusion ,feeling that she had been dealt a poor hand in life. She lost both of her parents as a young child. The most tragic incident was when Ellie rush to save her father from having a heart attack, but could not reach his medication in time. She placed blame on herself for not saving his life, therefore I personally believe this lead her to disregard for God in her life. Like many people, she yearned for an answer to her poor fate. Why does an all-good and all-powerful God allow evil in His creation (Phillips, Brown, Stonestreet, Page 146)? While studying her practice in a remote area, Ellie meets a handsome reporter who unlike her ,lives his life as a believer in God. While she believes you need hard facts to believe in a higher power, he lives his life by faith, trust, and love, and not so much proof.
After years of hard work Doctor Ellie finally makes contact with something of another world. The news…

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