Essay on Consumerism Is Making People Superior

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Everybody born as a consumer, and consumerism is a word that as old as our modern civilization. On the other hand, it is also a derogatory term that is used to describe an uncontrolled buying and wasting behavior. A few days ago, one of my friends just ordered the newest IPhone, which is the IPhone7 that was released in the beginning of September, even though his IPhone6 works just fine. I can feel his gratification from his Facebook and twitter as he definitely wants to show his new toy, the newest fancy phone, to everyone. The interesting is, does a phone really extend his superiority and make him so happy? I am certainly not a supporter of consumerism since I see people invest their years of deposit in estate for an absurd reason; I see how the financial burden and materialism get evolved as the "Offside" effect; and after all, it is impossible for me to believe that consumerism is making people superior and happy.
Whatever you believe or not, consumerism convinces people to buy unnecessary things. Chinese people tend to buy several houses or condos for their family, although most of the families after 1980s are small families because of the birth control. In other words, they do not buy those condos just for simple living but for the future of their children. Since China is the fastest growing developing country in the world, its realty industry develops very fast too. The actual phenomenon that normal people can see, is the housing price rise up like a rocket, from a…

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