Consumer Psychology And Marketing Communication Article Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… In these article shopping is described as a stress reliever or retail therapy. This lady Susan relieves her stress shopping. But the act of purchasing the product is what relieves her stress, piking the right color or heels in her shoes for example. When the shoes arrive was a big surprise but just for a moment, then everything went back to normal. What this show? People are impulsive buyers and some purchase has a purpose for each one of consumers. As consumer psychology is a study of consumer behavior a study note stated, “that 28% of shoppers had purchased something to celebrate an occasion or personal victory and 62% to cheer themselves up” ( These study notes can be consider as retail therapy that is just a tool for our behavior to feel better in different emotional situations. In the concept of marketing products to these impulsive buyers the media promote these behavior to target those people as marketing communication. These behaviors can be study by primary and secondary research, which involves surveys and direct contact with …show more content…
These article show the importance of the study of consumers needs and how important is to visualize and touch an object to make a purchase decision. As a good example the article choose to examine the furniture market versus online furniture marketing. Furniture shopping is something that as consumers like to feel, experience, and see by their own eyes. “” is a website that consumers can purchase furniture and it can be easy without leaving the comfortably of you home. The online company states that the shopping experience is incredible by having so much access to a greater selection. Also state that the costumer service is when you need it, providing discreteness to the buyer. But clearly consumers are not into buying furniture online, “ in 1999 lost four times more money than it took in” ( As consumer psychology for some people is very important to buy what they see and touch. Online marketing is successful but everything has their market. The Internet via social network is a good method of marketing. Meaning that not all the purchase person does are online marketing but to promote something marketable is better through the online

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