Consumer Products : An Example Of A Shopping Product Essay

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Provide an example of each type of consumer products, be sure to use the definitions of each type, and the information from Table 7.1 to support your answer.
There are four primary categories of consumer products; convenience, shopping, specialty, and unsought products. Convenience products are low-priced, widespread, mass promoted, frequently purchased with little planning or comparison, and low consumer involvement. An example of a convenience product is a pack of gum, a widely available, low-cost product typically purchased with very little planning or thought on the part of the consumer. Shopping products are less frequently purchased than convenience products. Purchasing shopping goods involves a great deal of planning and comparing brands based on price, style, and quality. These goods are also higher priced, selectively distributed in fewer stores, and advertised with personal selling by the producer and resellers. An example of a shopping product is a washing machine. Specialty products enjoy strong brand preference from consumers, require special purchasing effort, little comparison to other brands, and little price sensitivity. Specialty goods are high priced, often exclusively distributed in selected outlets, and producers and resellers utilize carefully targeted promotional tactics. An example of a specialty good is a luxury handbag designed by a fashion house. Luxury handbag and fine leather goods manufacturers like Louis Vuitton enjoy very strong brand loyalty…

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