Consumer Finance Essay

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Daniela Cristina Montaner (28).
Simon Montaner (5)
Luciana Montaner (3)

I am a single mother with two kids, Simon (5) and Luciana (3). I am a realtor working as an independent contractor with almost ten years of experience on the International field. Salary depends on commissions but making an average of $47K/year. Tax return on 2011 was . Simon is going to a public school and Luciana is going to my mother’s house because as a latina I prefer education at home before 5 years old. My expenses are:
Rent or mortgage
Medical expenses
Cellular phone
Car insurance
Savings for retirement and future education of my 2
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For a single man and depending where you choose to live you can get by on as little 600 for months and live well, but all depends on your choices.

The realtor is responsible for protecting and promoting client's interests. They can represent buyers or sellers. They assist the home buyer in forming and writing the offer, and if the offer is accepted, they help with the final agreement to ensure it's legally binding and correct. The REALTOR® will need to stay on top of the entire process to make sure any issues that surface during the home inspection or other processes are quickly remedied. They may also need to renegotiate the contract. For example, any repairs that the house inspection determines are needed may be factored into a new contract or agreement.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the average annual income for a real estate broker or sales agent is $42,680. This can fluctuate depending on market and type of real estate industry. Some realtors work for a salary plus commission, while others are strictly commission based. According to the Economist Outlook, "...the NAR membership survey, the median income in 2011 was $34,900. Even during this tough environment, 17 percent of members grossed a six figure income."
Designations and certifications acknowledging experience and expertise in various real estate sectors are awarded by NAR and each affiliated group upon completion of required courses. About CIPS

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