Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Case: Wii´s Success


Q1: What consumer needs are driving the success of the market adoption of Nintendo Wii? Consider the innate and acquired needs.
Innate needs are 'biogenic' or 'physiological needs' which refer to needs such as air, food water, shelter, clothing etc. While acquired needs are those we learn from our culture and surroundings, also known as 'psychological' or 'psychogenic needs' i.e. affection, power, learning, prestige and self-esteem.
Nintendo Wii is a home video game console, which competes its way with Microsoft's XBox360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. Nintendo aim is to target a broader demographic than the other two. Nintendo took the craze of playing
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Some of them are sitting for whole day. Nintendo understood their needs. There is no doubt that these customers need a rest and also a daily exercise. And of course they need time to do this. The way to save time is combine “rest” and “exercise” together. So Nintendo Wii can fulfill this need from customers. Wii games are equally as effective for the market segment that involve those who have extra time to do other exercise but they don’t like to go outside or are lazy to go outside. Because one need to change clothes, put on protection gear, or go a 'distant' place for sport. Wii solved that problem and is easily operated. Customers only need a few minutes to start it, after that they can enjoy it. Some people would say we could do gym inside. But buying gym equipment or membership is much expensive than buying Wii. And could effectively be put to use in bad weather conditions.
Keeping such details in mind, Nintendo realized that by doing so it can save source to create a product (a kind of direction in a company). The company would not create too much useless things.
There is a driving force or an inspiration within every individual that impels them to an action as a result of that. Hence, called 'Motivation'. For example: An individual has not eaten since morning, there would be a time where he or she would feel hungry, as a response to that driving force within him/her, he or she will 'buy' something to eat to diminish the feeling of hunger. Thus,

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