Essay on Consumer Behaviour

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Table of Content Pages 1.0 Apple iPod Touch 3 2.0 Features that most satisfied 4-7 3.0 Consumer Behaviour Theories 7-8 4.0 Conclusion 8 5.0 References 9

Executive Summary
This report tackles the important issues which are the consumer decision process and the theories for the consumer behaviour. The report shows that consumer purchases products or services they display forms of buyer behaviour that are influenced by many factors (factors). I analyze all the factors (theories) from the website and consumer behaviour books. It highlights what types of consumer buying behaviours is displayed in the purchase of a product or
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It's easy to think of the iPod touch as a stripped-down version of the iPhone instead of an enhanced version of iPod. The iPod touch and iPhone look similar, featuring the same wide touch screen with a sleek black border and single home button. The iPod touch is a little smaller and weighs a little less than the iPhone, partly because the iPhone has a cellular transceiver. The iPod touch's home screen also looks like the iPhone's, but with fewer icons: at least, until the users start installing new applications. From the home screen, users can get to the iPhone's text-messaging capabilities and collection of mini-applications called widgets.

Exhibit 1 Apple iPod Touch
2.0Features that most satisfied for iPod Touch
The iPod touch has many new features that I am satisfied to. First of all, the brilliant new designs for the iPod touch. There is thin and light. iPod touch get a super slim aluminium body that feels barely there in my hands or pockets. Which means the first thing I notice about iPod touch is the weight. Then its super smooth finish. Then all those Apple details like the highly polished bevelled edges, and iPod touch is made from one of the strongest grades of aluminium there is. iPod touch is tested by the Apple Inc. that it will not be so easy to damage.

Exhibit 2 Design for iPod touch
The second feature that satisfied me is the

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