Essay on Consumer Behaviour Bicycles & Vegetables

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To study the consumers’ buying behaviour through observation of their method of purchase of two products, namely bicycle and vegetables bought from a pushcart.

We went to United Cycle Company in Panchkua, near the railway station. It is located in a large cycle market with a lot of similar shops nearby. We observed two customers in two hours.
Customer 1 – some observations: It was a father and son – the son was around 25 years old. They seemed to be from a middle class family. They wanted to buy a cycle mainly for the son but even the father planned to use it occasionally. They had decided to buy a cycle on that day. However, they had not decided on a specific type of cycle and spent almost
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Role of the salesperson: The sales person showed them different brands of bicycle and was showing different features of the product. He also told them about the warranty of the cycle frame since its durability and strength was important to the customer. He seemed quite frustrated when they did not purchase the bicycle at the first time.
Customer 2 - some observations:
This was a family consisting of a father, a mother and their 10 year old daughter. They looked to be middle class and came on a scooter. They were just browsing through the bicycles and wanted to purchase one on the girl’s birthday as a gift. It seemed as if they were going somewhere else and just took around 15 minutes to stop by the bicycle shop and look at different bicycles.
The parents were browsing through different bicycles and suggested some ladies cycles such as ‘Miss India’ and ‘Ladybird’. But the girl wanted a unisex cycle and had a specific cycle in mind which was ‘Hero Razor Back’ and insisted on it. The father also suggested a wider seat but the girl preferred the standard seat. They were also concerned about the availability of the cycle parts as the shop was far away from their home. They spoke mostly in Gujarati and hence we were not able to understand some of the details.
They finalized the Hero Razor Back model which cost Rs. 3025 and then left the

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