Constructivist View Of Politics, The Unipolar System And How China Might Develop Into A World Power

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For these summaries, I read about institutions, constructivist view of politics, the unipolar system and how China might develop into a world power. The first article is, “The False Promise of International Institutions” by John J. Mearsheimer. The second article is, “Constructing International Politics” by Alexander Wendt. The third article is, “Unipolarity, State Behavior, And Systemic Consequences” by G. John Ikenberry, Michael Mastanduno and William C. Wohlforth. The final reading is, “After Unipolarity China’s Visions of International Order in an Era of U.S. Decline” by Randall L. Schweller and Xiaoyu Pu. The articles are related by how the international political roles play in politics. The article that I found most relevant was Schweller and Pu’s article. This article really showed me how a rising power could become a major threat to a major power. In the first article, Mearsheimer explains about institutions and the views about it. He defines institutions as a set of rules that stipulate the ways in which states should cooperate and compete with each other. Institutions are calling for the decentralized cooperation of individual sovereign states, without any effective mechanism of command. Realists sometimes recognize state operation through institutions. The most powerful states create and shape institutions, so that they can maintain their share of world power or increase it. As realists believe that cause of war and peace are functions of the balance of power,…

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