Construction Industry Profile Essay

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|Indian Construction Industry is highly fragmented. There are mostly |[pic] |
|unorganized players in the industry which work on the subcontracting basis. As| |
|the construction activity being labour intensive, construction companies have | |
|been mainly focusing on mechanization over the past few years. Consequently, | |
|growth in quantum of laborers required has declined from 1.6% in FY 04 to 0.9%|
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Market Capitalization
Green buildings in India have gained tremendous momentum during 3 to 4 years, ever since the Green Business Centre embarked on achieving the prestigious LEED rating for their own centre at Hyderabad. The Platinum rating for green building has sensitized the stakeholders of construction industry. There is tremendous potential for construction of green buildings in India. The estimated market potential for green building was about $ 400 million in 2010. With favorable policies the government could provide the right impetus for advancing the green building movement in India.

Size of the Industry
|Indian Construction Industry consists of 200 firms in the corporate sector. |[pic] |
|In addition to these firms, there are about 1, 20,000 class a contractors | |
|registered with various government construction bodies. There are thousands | |
|of small contractors, which compete for small jobs or work as | |
|sub-contractors of prime or other contractors. Total sales of construction | |
|industry have reached Rs. 42885.38 cores in 2004 05 from Rs. 21451.9 cores

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