Conspiracy Theories Of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

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Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest abolitionists in history, who became known as a “mythological hero” and “lawgiver” to African-American people. He is also known for being a martyr for dying during his fight to finally abolish slavery. Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 to parents Tomas and Nancy Lincoln in a log cabin located in Hardin County, Kentucky. When Abraham was young, his mother passed away from tremetol-a milk sickness- which caused young Lincoln to become depressed, causing him to detach himself from his father, and dislike the work placed on him. As he grew older, Lincoln grew interest in a law career, which then transitioned into Lincoln entering a career in politics. On November 16, 1860, Lincoln was elected the 16th president, …show more content…
Many people had started to believe that the vice president, Andrew Johnson, had teamed up with John Wilkes Booth to create a plan to kill Lincoln. Booth was said to have stopped by Johnson’s hotel, leaving a note asking if he was home, on the afternoon of the planned assassination (A Vice Presidential Conspiracy), which was very suspicious. The odds of a vice president plotting to kill the president, so they (the vice president) could take their place, is very high. Even Mary Todd Lincoln believed that Johnson was involved also. She had written a letter to a friend of hers about how Johnson was a drunk, and also about how she was suspicious about the note Booth left for Johnson. Many people were led to believe that Johnson had something to do with the assassination. Though there was a plan to kill Johnson, people began to believe that Atzerodt didn’t just lose his audacity. People started to think that Johnson wasn’t killed on purpose, to make it look like he was a victim, instead of a conspirator. The nation was hoping to find solace in Johnson being inaugurated, but instead he pushed their feelings

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