Conspiracy Theories In Hollywood

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Thesis: Conspiracy theories revolve around Hollywood because our society is obsessed with fortune and fame, people want to relate to famous personalities, and it gives people an opportunity to make sense of the unexplainable. For this research paper, I decided to report on conspiracy theories as they relate to the world of fame. As a thought process, conspiracy theories sparked an interest in me. The mystery that surrounds unusual events is something most of us wonder about. The idea of researching conspiracies in Hollywood was formed from the concept of many conspiracy theory examples. Many conspiracy theories are about famous people or events. I conducted my research first on some of the many conspiracy theory examples to make sure there was enough supporting documentation including famous figures. My research led to articles which studied the reasoning behind our obsession with Hollywood. I discovered that I needed to make my points broader to include society’s obsession in order to have sufficient research to support my thesis. …show more content…
I chose to take the psychological approach for my research. Psychology is defined as the science of animal and human behavior and the mind’s processes. I became interested in the science of psychology when I took a psychology course in high school. There are three psychological issues that most conspiracy theorists possess; mistrust or a suspicious nature, paranoia, and individualism. My research will show a relation between the psychological issues of conspiracy theorists and Hollywood’s conspiracy

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