Conspiracy Theories Concerning The Assassination Of President Abraham Lincoln

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Conspiracy theories concerning the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln have been in existence since almost directly after the death of this great political leader. According to author Daniel Cohen, “there were hints, and sometimes shouts, of a wider and more sinister conspiracy.” In some instance, such suspicions seemed no more than murmurs. There may be a vast number of conspiracy theories but only a relatively small number of them receive scholarly attention, perhaps rightly so. But, sometimes the small allegations may actually lead to very telling clues related to the grand schemes that many scholars and historians are familiar with today. This paper explores three such examples. The first relates to an incident involving two small town newspapers located in upper New York State which, in the end, go nowhere. The second shares some similarity with the first and eventually leads to what may be very outrageous allegations concerning the Catholic Church. The most mysterious of these is left for last, and it leads to what increasingly more scholars are accepting as a viable alternative theory concerning the Lincoln assassination, one that had been replaced no more than five years after the event by what is commonly accepted by most people today.
A little-known story had managed to circulate among Lincoln assassination conspiracy theorists alleging that a report about the tragic event had been published in a small Upper-New York State newspaper two hours before the…

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