Lincoln's Last Days Book Report

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My book Lincoln’s Last Days by Bill O’Reilly and Dwight Jon Zimmerman is about, as the name suggests, the last days of Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln was our nation’s president during the Civil War. He was a great leader who helped bring the Union to victory alongside General Ulysses S. Grant and General George Gordon Meade. However, this book does not only highlight Lincoln’s life during the Civil War, but it also tells what happened during the end of the war and how he was assassinated after. This book is overall a classic tale of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and I would like to share it with you.

This book was enjoyable for multiple reasons. Though I prefer fiction books myself, Lincoln’s Last Days is presented in a way that
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Though it was very good about the way the information was presented, and the assassination plot was all very interesting, Lincoln’s Last Days failed at putting better images on each page (though they [the authors] were probably limited) and keeping their switching of scenes to a minimum. However, despite the mixture of pros and cons, it was overall a terrific book. The beginning of the book started out with the Civil War almost immediately, making things interesting. The (sort of) Sherlock Holmes feeling I got when reading about the assassination attempt and what happened after had me wanting to read more. Though it may not be your typical fiction book, what with the aliens, dragons, or whatever, it was still not your average boring history textbook, either. In my book, (ha ha) this story deserves a ⅘ rating.

In conclusion, the book Lincoln’s Last Days by Bill O’Reilly and Dwight Jon Zimmerman is an amazing historical story that retells the last days of one of our nation’s best presidents. This book brought together the writing techniques of some of the most famous books and combined it with historically accurate facts and battles. It went into depth describing the assassination plan, and immersed me in its action. Lincoln’s Last Days is, in my opinion, a classic tale that needs to be told for centuries to

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