Consequences Of Poor Eating Habits

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Every year, many BYU freshman gain the dreaded “freshman fifteen,” fifteen pounds of weight that students gain the first year they attend college. Although it may seem harmless, the freshman fifteen is the result of poor eating habits, which can lead to many negative consequences such as eating disorders, mental disorders, and even obesity. If the freshman fifteen can be prevented, the likelihood of BYU students experiencing these negative consequences can be decreased. In this paper, I will outline the consequences and causes of the freshman fifteen, as well as actions BYU can take to prevent it.
The freshman fifteen embodies the poor eating habits embraced by freshman; these poor eating habits, if not stopped, can lead to mental and eating
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It is then that the negative consequences of the freshman fifteen come to fruition. The excessive weight gain associated with the freshman fifteen can be a gateway to diseases and to certain mental and eating disorders. If the poor eating habits and excessive weight gain trend during students’ freshman year persist, obesity, a disease in which a person has a Body Mass Index of 30 or more, may become prevalent (Centers 1). Obesity in and of itself is not the only danger; it is also a gateway disease to many other health risks including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure (Centers 1). These many physical diseases make obesity a very serious threat; however, the psychological disorders associated with obesity make it even more …show more content…
Roughly half of all BYU students live in Helaman Halls, freshman housing that does not provide full kitchens to each tenant. These students are required to purchase a meal-plan and eat at on-campus restaurants. The Canon Center, an all-you-can-eat buffet managed by BYU, is where these students generally go to eat. Freshman usually go to the Cannon Center three times a day and enjoy food that ranges from spaghetti to donuts. Since many freshman eat there, a wise action to take in preventing the freshman fifteen is to make the food offered at the Cannon

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