The Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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It has been debated that GMO’s are harmful to the overall health of people. It is theorized that genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s, cause health problems because of the fact they have been genetically altered. Research has proven that GMO’s are not as harmful as people think. They can actually be helpful. However, like all things, they have their cons. There is a lot more good that comes out of GMO’s than bad. History
Genetically modified food, or GM food, is made from organisms that have been genetically modified. These are what we know as GMO’s, or genetically modified organisms. Genetically modifying organisms is the process of altering the genes of different organisms to achieve desired traits in the organism. Some of these traits
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They are most commonly genetically altered to resist certain insects or pests. This is also most commonly done by crossbreeding. This is because genetically altering crop plants has to be done on a very large scale and could not possibly be done individually in a laboratory. However, this method is less efficient in acquiring the traits desired. This is because plants will sometimes inherit traits that are not desired. This in fact can be dangerous; which is why it is avoided in certain cases. Also plants may have to be selectively bred multiple times in order to gain the traits desired. On the contrary, plants and organisms genetically modified in a laboratory avoid gaining unwanted traits and can acquire the traits one desires easily and efficiently. (Aroian, n.d) Despite these pros, there are cons that go along with GMO’s as well. This has led to the banning of GMO’s in certain countries. Organisms can be modified to resist a certain pest such as an insect. If the crop becomes resistant to insects then it could potentially produce toxins that could kill the insects that pollinate the plant. Therefore, the plants could die out if the insects that pollinate them were killed. Also, GMO’s are more widely used which means that the original version of the genetically modified crops are diminishing. These original plants contain natural genes that are beneficial to health in certain ways such as vitamins. Through genetic modification the natural genes could be lost. Also, though it is not yet proven, genetically modified organisms could potentially form more toxic allergens that could potentially be worse than allergens already found in the organism. It is also said that GMO’s have been directly linked to autism. Kids Right To Know. (2016) Also a new plant or disease could could come along and wipe out the genetically modified crop. Many of the bad things that come about GMO’s

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