Connecticut 's Death Penalty Law Essay examples

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Connecticut’s death penalty law explains the difficulties of these capital cases in the discussion making if someone should receive the death penalty. There are various persedures that take place when it comes to capital punishment. Data was collected which involved 205 capital punishment cases that involved five reason why an individual will get the death penalty. The fist reason has to do with killing any kind of law enforcement individual. Also, it can be someone that set up a hit man to commit a crime for them. Someone who has had a prior arrests for the commits another crime to the same degree or higher whether, it is kidnapping chargers or assault of an underage individual. Morin (2011) used these five reasons to explain the reasons why someone might be convicted and sentenced to death. Lawyer examined these critiars of crime in outgoing cases that used these factors which determined that race had nothing to do with the conviction. Through the two hundred and five cases they incorporated victims’ pain from the crime, victim’s identity, cries was planned or had intent and whether there was various victim’s involved in the crime. Findings from Morin (2011) held the factors that various crimes involve individual of the same race. Morin (2011) came to the conclusions that gender has some disparitarites while sample shows no racial disparity. Samples are taken from the capital sentences that have various factors of capital punishment. However, these studies show…

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