Connecticut Law Essay

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Jessica Oliver
June 10, 2015
Unit Four Assignment After reading this tragic and disturbing event, I looked at the Connecticut statutes to find the crimes Hayes and Komisarjevsky committed. Hayes and Komisarjevsky could be charged with the Connecticut statute, Sec. 53a-134. Robbery in the first degree: Class B felony. This statute states that: (a) A person is guilty of robbery in the first degree when, in the course of the commission of the crime of robbery as defined in section 53a-133 or of immediate flight therefrom, he or another participant in the crime: (1) Causes serious physical injury to any person who is not a participant in the crime; or (2) is armed with a deadly weapon; or (3) uses or threatens the use of a dangerous
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The victim, Mr. Petit, was assaulted with a baseball bat (dangerous instrument- A.1) and was also, the assault was intended to disfigure him permanently. I also looked at Connecticut statute Sec. 53a-70a. Aggravated sexual assault in the first degree: Class B felony: Five years not suspendable. This statute states that: (a) A person is guilty of aggravated sexual assault in the first degree when such person commits sexual assault in the first degree as provided in section 53a-70, and in the commission of such offense (1) such person uses or is armed with and threatens the use of or displays or represents by such person's words or conduct that such person possesses a deadly weapon, (2) with intent to disfigure the victim seriously and permanently, or to destroy, amputate or disable permanently a member or

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