Compare And Contrast Zangzi And Confucianism

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For thousands of years, Confucianism and Daoism—two very noble and virtuous ideologies—have been practiced in the world. Correspondingly, teachings of both Confucius and Zhuangzi have proven incredibly influential in cultures around the world and has inspired many in political activeness, music, art, film, poetry, and much more. Joseph Smith once stated, “I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves.” Meaning the faithful are taught the truth and they follow their own paths guided by those correct and inspirational teachings. With that being said, the teachings of Confucius best fit this idea. Firstly, Confucius attributed all the ills of his day to societal leaders. Claiming they “neglected the old rites, were performing them incorrectly, or usurping rites and ceremonies to which they were not entitled. For as correct observance of the rites was a sign of a perfect social order and the source of all spiritual enlightenment.” Accordingly, the desertion or misuse of these reflected and alluded to spiritual darkness and moral disorder. Going along with this idea is the story of the Duke of Zhou speaking to the remnants of the Yin Dynasty puts forth the idea of the Mandate of Heaven. …show more content…
There are many that know the truth but do not follow it, there are people that love the truth but do not fully understand it, and there are those who delight in it—who fully understand it and love to dwell in it through actions (service, prayer, scripture study, etc.). Both Confucius and Joseph Smith encourage others to recognize the truth and to not only know or love it, but to delight in it—putting knowledge and action together and feasting upon the words of

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