Essay on Confucianism And Christianity : A Tale Of Two Traditions

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Confucianism and Christianity: A Tale of Two Traditions In this paper, I will examine the traditions and views of human nature of Confucianism and Christianity, as presented in the provided class readings and from my personal experience. I will also discuss the problems, perks, and any questions I have with each of the traditions. I will assert that both traditions are valid belief systems, but I am slightly more comfortable with the Christian tradition. My conclusion is that Confucianism is a more straightforward tradition in terms of understanding the metaphysical and diagnosis of the human defect, while Christianity has a more realistic and attainable goal when it comes to the prescription for how a person should live and clearer general claims about the human condition.

As I have learned from this course, the study of theories of human nature is comprised of determining and understanding four key elements: an understanding of the metaphysical, distinctive claims about the human condition, diagnosis of a human defect, and an ideal on how human lives should be lived. These four elements will act as a guiding tool to highlight the similarities and help to distinguish the differences between Christianity and Confucianism.

I am first going to analyze the understandings of the metaphysical universe that Christianity and Confucianism create since I think the understanding of the metaphysical provides the greatest amount of background in a theory of human…

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