Conflicts Between North And South Essay

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There was many contractions and conflicts between the North and the South for a long period. Due to the different geographical conditions, the North depended on the trade and industries for living. On the other hand, the South heavily relied on agriculture and it needed more slaves to have enough manpower. As the result, the slavery began declined in the North; however, South maintained the slavery for the huge demand of the agriculture labor and slavery population rapidly increased in the South, which completely different from North. In the article, “The North- The South- The Slave Questions”, J.R. Burden discussed the struggle of slavery between the North and the South and claimed that many tensions between the North and the South that were hidden behind the slavery issue. The slavery was a factor that lead the issues such as three-fifth compromise, abolition movement, sectionalism, and other conflicts that further impacted to the division between the North and the South. The Civil War was inevitable as the outcome of the conflicts of interest between the North and the South.
J.R. Burden introduced the issue of the slavery between the North and the South. He states that, “…in order to form a more perfect union and secure the blessings of liberty, established the Constitution in 1787. Domestic slavery still existed” (188). He argued that slavery should be eliminated as Constitution was addressed. Constitution addressed that all men are created equal; however, it failed for…

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