Conflict in Dead Poets Society Essay

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Conflict in Dead Poet's Society Internal and external conflicts are something that everyone experiences day to day. These conflicts may not always be solved by the individual, but someone they can relate to. In the movie Dead Poet's Society, a group of boys go through a life-changing experience where they learn how to be different from their teacher Mr. Keaton. Keaton enables the boys to overcome shyness, fall in love, follow your dreams, and create a strong self image. Unlike his colleagues, Keating employs unorthodox teaching methods and strives to teach more than just his subject matter, which is poetry. His goal is to inspire his students to be creative in their own way and express their abilities. Keaton's philosophy of "seizing …show more content…
He believed the individual march was more important because it gave each boy character rather than ordinary. Cameron seems like the only boy that does not learn anything from Keaton. He keeps with the honesty and orderliness created by the school. In the end of the movie he follows the code of honesty and ultimately makes Keaton lose his job. In actuality, Cameron did follow the teachings of Keaton and creates his own identity

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