Conflict Theory And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Conflict Theory can be seen as also having internal influences because the systems and institutions, which it creates, are based upon the will or desires of the wealthy. For structural influences to continue on as they are, people must be influenced by greed and uninhibited by a sense of morality. The overall effect of such personal characteristics or mentalities leads to the degradation of morals within a society. The wealthy’s desire for power overshadows the needs of society because the legitimate needs would be those of the poor. This causes a feeling of confinement amongst the poor, making them feel as if they are being forced into their low-paying jobs and way of life, reinforcing how the wealthy want to keep the wealth amongst themselves. An example could be seen by analyzing the relationship between lower class individuals working on weekly set wages in places, such as retail or fast-food industries, and the CEO’s who run them. The companies’ CEO manipulates company workers in production to create the maximum amount of product, providing the company with increased sales and profit. The company’s prosperity allows for the CEO to be credited with the success, despite the fact that they exploited their own workers to achieve this goal for the company. The CEO reaps the benefit of their influence, while the lower-class wage-workers remain struggling and confounded on how to better their position, and in turn their lives. This demonstrates the effect of Control…

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