Essay on Conflict Is Inevitable !?

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Conflict is inevitable!! Why? No two persons is alike, we differ in thoughts, personality and definitely how we handle conflict. As individuals, the way in which we handle conflicts determines whether the situation escalates or is resolved; there is no one set method to be used to solve conflicts, as our goals, personality and values differ. Through training we can engage in more appropriate management styles such as accommodation, avoidance, collaboration, obliging and compromise to help us alleviate and or resolve conflict. A self-assessment of our own conflict solving styles can determine if they are working or if viable alternatives needs to be explored. Madeline Savage, a quiet reserve, Regional Sales Associate is upset that her coworker, Lecia Hanson, popular and considered the life of the party, reaps the benefits of the office bonus despite the fact that she does not produce much sales. It is difficult for Madeline to outline her argument because bonus is divided equally among all team members regardless of their input and it is quite obvious that she is not a team player. Our personality determines who we are and it plays a vital role in how we respond to conflict, understanding your own personality and that of those you work with can provide great insight into how you handle conflicting situations that arise in an effective way. Madeline understands that her reserved personality restricts her from confronting the problem, even though Madeline is unhappy in…

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