Essay about Conflict Is A Part Of My Life

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Conflict is always a part of my life whether it is conflicting ideas, wants, needs, or desires. Currently, my boyfriend and I are currently and have been in a conflict. We both live in different states, he lives in New Hampshire and I live in Pennsylvania, the distance is the problem. I currently am going to school at Clarion and I have two years left, so I am anchored down in Pennsylvania for the time being. He, however, has already finished school and is working at a job that is a step towards his dream career, so he is in New Hampshire. I have made the argument that he could just live her until I am done with school and then we could move to NH, because I do want to live there. He, however, is not convinced that this is the best option, he wonders if I could go to school in NH. I have explained to him that transferring to a school out of state with as many credits as I have would be more than difficult. I have concluded that it is much easier for him to make the move, just for the time being. We have had endless conversations about it presenting both sides and ideas to one another. This conflict has me stressed out and frustrated, because I only want to be there with him in NH. School is very important to me and I have already completed two years; therefore, I do not want to throw it away. Every day we are dealing with this conflict, but it has not ruined our relationship. Just because we have disagreements about things does not mean we will not work past them to be…

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