Conflict Diagnosis Essay

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Conflict Diagnosis Paper
Desirea Chapman
CJHS/ 430
September 14, 2014
Tina Sebring

Suicide rates within prisons, although not the leading cause of inmate deaths, are the leading cause of preventable deaths in a jail or prison setting. Inmates are particularly at risk during the first 24 hr under custody as they face the reality of incarceration (Hayes, 1995). Many inmates, especially those first incarcerated for felony cases, embody a sense of fear, isolation, distrust for everyone, a lack of control, and shame which can lead to choosing suicide as a way to escape from it all. Mental health is considered to be a conflict diagnosis in different facilities on how to approach and find out which inmates suffer from a
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There are different methods of suicide that inmates chose to do in order to end their life. Hanging themselves and overdosing are some examples, but many related situations to suicide or reports of inmates developing self-injurious behaviors. Some examples would include cutting, head banging, and ingesting foreign objects in order to cause harm to the body. However, researchers and criminologists debate whether these behaviors have different underlying motivations from suicidal acts and should thus be categorized as categorically different or whether they are indications of more serious suicidal risks in the future (Apter et al., 1995). Self-harming behaviors may indicate suicidal thoughts to officers and workers, and assessment will identify if the inmate intends to end his or her life and how to help fix the issues that are causing the behaviors. Some inmates who use self-harming behaviors may eventually lead to future suicidal attempts or being successful in ending their life.
The assessment and tracking of the inmates will help to discover the inmates who are considered to be suicidal and may help reduce the amount of suicides within the prison setting. Mental health workers are trained to know any signs inmates may be showing and know the groups of people who are at higher risk of suicidal behavior. Groups of people can include juveniles, first

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