Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Essay

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Dealing with conflict is one of the most important skills that an individual needs to master as he or she grows up. As an interpersonal skill, conflict management determines how well someone will get along with people. It is as wide as it sounds or seems, encompassing not only the distinct aspects of conflict resolution, but also the entire personality development of a person. There is a reason as to why some people are more adapt to solving conflicts than others. It all goes down to how one applies these skills accordingly. In this reflective piece, I will highlight the various ways through which I respond to conflicts, offering a person experience with one, and how would I have dealt better with it.
I usually have a number of ways to respond to conflicts. First of all, I usually consider the parties involved in the conflict, and the nature of the conflict itself. This usually plays an important role in helping me think of the best way to deal with it. I then opt to either solving the conflict or avoiding it altogether if it seems very contentious (Wood, 2015). One thing about conflicts is that sometimes instead of being solved, they become even worse. I always consider this whenever I am dealing with conflicts. My choice to avoid something altogether can be as a result of the fear that it will have negative repercussions on me. I tend to focus more on the listening part, trying to get more information about what actually happened, as I also ask questions for clarification.…

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