Conflict Between Conflict And Challenging Behavior Essay

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There is a big difference between conflicts and challenging behaviors, especially in the classroom. Conflict is “an expressed disagreement between children, usually involving property, territory, and/or privilege; or a mistaken behavior by a child or children, disagreed with by a teacher” (Gartrell, 2014, p. 512). Conflict is a natural and daily occurrence. While challenging behavior is define as “conflicts that cause harm or serious disruption; the term often connotes a continuing pattern of such conflicts shown by individual children” (Gartrell, 2014, p. 511). Challenging behavior is not usually found as an everyday occurrence. Unfortunately both of these can be found in most classrooms. It is typical for young children to experience conflict over toys, friends, space, and not comprehending the material which was taught. The classroom observed had its fair share of conflicts and a few challenging behaviors.
Challenging Behavior
This particular class has morning work to complete as the educator does what she needs to do before the day really begins. On this day the students had to color words that began with the letter P, than cut them out, and paste them on a big letter P. Student C wanted a color his friend was using and ripped it out of that students hands. Student A became upset and took the crayon back. Student C became enraged and hit the student in the arm. The educator had her back turned and did not witness what was happening. Student A began to cry, the educator…

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