Conflict Resolution Rhetorical Analysis

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QP provided Quadir with a CBT activity geared toward how conflict is viewed and handled. QP explained to Quadir that the purpose to help him change the way he view and handle conflict. QP asked Quadir to explain how he handles conflict. QP asked Quadir to think of a time he had a conflict situation at home or at school and describe the conflict situation and how was the conflict resolved. QP discussed with Quadir the four element to conflict resolution. QP asked Quadir to list some possible impact of conflict. QP discussed with Quadir, how to find common ground in a conflict situation. QP assisted Quadir in developing an action plan to deal with conflict. QP explored with Quadir how he deals with conflict situation with a friend and with an enemy. …show more content…
QP examined with Quadir the five rules of fair fighting. QP provided Quadir with a worksheet in which he had solve the conflict situation. QP examined with Quadir his style of handling conflict. QP role play with Quadir the five styles of conflict resolution. QP practice with Quadir strategies for improving conflict resolution. QP pointed out to Quadir, that when in a conflict both parties are responsible for finding a solution. QP provided Quadir with these situations , someone calling him names, pushing him, being teased, being put down , step inform of him in line, step on his foot and blame him for something he did not do; in which he had to explain how he would the situation if the person was a friend and as an enemy. QP asked Quadir, if he treats his enemy different, and explain why. QP discussed with Quadir how to avoid conflict situations. QP examined with Quadir an internal conflict he had and discussed how he handled it. QP brainstormed with Quadir example of internal conflict people have. QP discussed with Quadir, conflict situation between

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