Conflict And Social Transformation Endeavors Essay

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There are many things that nurture my desire to learn about, and to engage in conflict and social transformation endeavors. As someone who grew up in the midst of inequality, I have known from a young age that our world needs healing. I spent my early years living in a country that has engaged in a 52-year-old civil war- in a country in which citizens recently voted against a peace agreement that would have been a monumental step towards ending the Colombian armed conflict. In addition, I also spent my young adulthood in the United States-a country that is largely responsible for much of the inequalities and poverty that plagues Latin America. Because of my experiences in both countries, I have always felt in my heart that my duty as a citizen of the world is to grow in every possible manner, and to study peace and social justice diligently so that I can one day join efforts with those who wake up everyday to fight for equality; to give a voice to those who deserve to live fulfilling lives yet who are often denied that opportunity.
One of the things that nurtures and informs my work is to both read about and witness the immense need for restorative practices that are community-centered, and which challenge our preconceived notions about what justice means. My work is also nurtured by learning about alternatives to our prominent frameworks, such as restorative justice. I believe that it is important to re-think the manners in which our judicial system treats those who have…

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