Confederate Monuments Dbq

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An estimated 1.3 million American soldiers gave their lives during the American Civil War. The defeat of the Southern Confederacy brought along the destruction of its oppressive ideologies. Despite this, Confederate monuments still stand as testaments of this fallen state to this day. In recent times these monuments have aroused controversy because of their offensive nature to some. Many protests and rallies occur in support of the eradication of these monuments. Monuments such as these are kept not to offend people or to be worshiped, but kept as historical pieces of the country's past. This issue is one of many cases where people decide what parts of history should be kept and recorded. Controversial historical monuments and testimonials, …show more content…
A good example of this would be denazification in Europe. In the 1930’s came the birth of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Along with its creation came waves of patriotism and nationalism from the German people. Grand structures and monuments branded with the swastika were erected as nationalist exploits for Germany. The Nazi’s waged a six-year war which ended in the demise of their empire. Swastikas and other symbols relating to Nazism were immediately destroyed and banned from usage in public areas in Germany. (Doc B) The Olympiastadion, which translates to Olympic Stadium, is an enormous Colosseum built by the Nazi regime to host prior Olympic events. Instead of destroying this colossal structure, its swastikas were simply stripped down and destroyed. This now historic structure was unharmed and is still in use to this day despite its controversial past. (Doc B) In the United States, Confederate statues and monuments are being removed. These monuments should stay, like the Colosseum, these monuments are important pieces of history that can’t just be removed or destroyed. For example a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee doesn't represent hate or Confederate ideologies, but it honors the general who lead and served the Confederate …show more content…
These monuments aren't kept here as celebrating the leaders who supported slavery. As a matter of fact, these monuments aid in our education about this time period. Many people want these monuments to stay put, a poll by PBS gathered that 44 percent of African Americans think the memorials should stay.(Doc E) We can learn a lot about this time period from these historical pieces. Many of these monuments were constructed in honor of those who fought for the Confederacy. Taking them away would be like erasing them from having existed there. When on the topic of the Stone Mountain monument, the former mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young stated,"That is a tremendous carving. And I don't want to see that destroyed. I don't care who it is,".

Controversial historical monuments and testimonials, with an exception to some, should remain in their unaltered states. Historical monuments containing symbols of hate should have those symbols removed but allow the structure to stay. They should be unaltered because of how useful they are in present times. These monuments and testimonials should be kept because of their importance and value. History happened whether it be good or

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