Condyloid Muscles

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In a skeletal system joints, ligaments, and tendons all go hand in hand. A joint is defined by two or more bones that meet. However, with the use of fibrous connective tissue, ligaments allow the joints to be held together. Ligaments are what prevent us from moving in an undesirable plane, another purpose they serve is that they limit the range or extent of normal movement (Wallace 2013). Unlike ligaments where the bone might be attached to another, tendons are fibrous tissue connecting the bones to the surrounding muscle. With this in mind, there are three types of joints that are classified by how much movement they allow. The first type is known as immovable joints, this involves two or more bones being fused together (Wallace 2013). A …show more content…
According to Wallace the condyloid joint is “an oval-shaped head of the bone that fits into a shallow cavity of another bone”. An example of this would be the joints between the carpals and the metacarpals. The movement of the condyloid joints allow for flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and circumduction. In our wrist we can find this joint in which permits us to perform everyday activities as well as physical activities, from cooking to writing to even throwing a ball and doing a handstand we use our flexibility in our wrist to complete these task.
Following the condyloid joint is the pivot joint. The pivot joint rotates around the longitudinal axis of the bone (Wallace 2013). An example of a pivot joint is the joint of the first and second vertebrae of the neck that allows the head to move back and forth (Structure and Function: The Joints). This type of movement allows us to widen our peripheral view by allowing us rotate our head from left to right. Pivot joints are also found in our wrist which let us rotate our hands making it easier to do every day
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Joints are what allow our bones to grow as well enable our body to move when muscles are contracting. Different types of movement come from the many joints we have in our bodies. Joints are a unique trait to the human body because with the use of joints we are able to enjoy many recreational activities as well as completing the task given to us throughout our everyday lives. The vitality of joints are extremely important that we must take care of them to avoid any long term injuries or diseases such as arthritis. Not only will taking care of these joints provide long term pain relief but they will help you become mindful of how joints move during any type of exercise, keeping them strong and

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