Conductive And Deductive Reasoning

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Reading Assignment One

Inductive and deductive reasoning are two different processes that are used in order to solve problems. Both inductive and deductive reasoning have different methods of getting to a conclusion however when solving a problem often both processes are incorporated. Two different reading from Christopher Alexander and Ian L Mcharg help show the differences between Inductive and deductive reasoning.

Question one

Inductive reasoning is solution focused where there are many ideas that are proposed and tested to find the best, most valid conclusion. Inductive reasoning allows for the possibility that the conclusion is false even if all of the premises are true instead of being valid or invalid. There can be many different
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However he also uses inductive reasoning for some of his steps. Inductive reasoning follows opinions and whether they make the conclusion more true or valid. In Mcharg’s case he want’s to find the best highway alignment with the least cost on social factors included in the original method. In the highway alignment case the premises can be the different social and environmental factors Mcharg has identified. These include Forest values, recreation values, Historic values and more.

Inductive reasoning will have to be used to find values for these premises. For instance questions have to be asked of how forest values will be researched and how are values going to be found. Who will Mcharg ask, members of an environmental council or what if the people that are asked do not care about forest values. Instead, will Mcharg or the highway engineers decide the different social values. In which case it comes down to opinion rather than facts. In which case biasm could possible be introduced into the problem. The engineer or majority of residents surveyed around the forest may not care about the forest. The same can be said Historic values some people may claim different building are more historic than others. Arguments though can make a conclusion more true. The costs of building a highway can be researched based on facts and a conclusion can be brought up however social factors have to come down to opinion based. Problems with highway building and social issues are evident here in New Zealand. The Haast Hollyford highway scheme has a long history and has recently been axed due to continued opposition. Different opinions have long divided whether or not the highway should be

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