Conducting A Comprehensive Cultural Assessment Essay

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Conducting cultural assessments on each individual patient is a necessity in nursing. This paper will describe some of the key components of conducting a comprehensive cultural assessment. I will also choose two of the listed components and reflect on my own culture and how it could possibly impact my attitude toward a patient of a different culture. Lastly, I will create two nursing diagnoses, for a patient who comes into a physician’s office that I work for, with a newly diagnosed problem. These diagnoses will reflect cultural diversity that might pose a barrier to communication with this patient. I will give a rationale for each diagnosis and describe how I would intervene and evaluate for a successful plan of care.
Key Components of a Comprehensive Cultural Assessment
With the diverse population we may encounter in the nursing field, it is very important that we complete a cultural assessment on each patient in order to provide the best care to our patients based on their beliefs. A cultural assessment involves learning about the patient’s cultural beliefs, values, and practices (Andrews & Boyle, 2016). We must understand that each patient is unique and has their own cultural beliefs and not assume, based on appearances, that they may belong to a particular culture. The goal of a cultural assessment is to obtain information from a patient that accurately describes their beliefs and values, in order to devise a mutually acceptable care plan for treatment that will be…

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