Concussions And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Concussions take the life of 138 people in the United States every day (CDC 1). A concussion is the consequence after a hit taken to the head, causing the brain to rattle and hit the side of the skull and swell. Over the last several years, concussions have become an apparent problem. They can have a magnitude of effects on the body and might cause serious health problems in the future. Also these can happen everywhere, for example, playing sports or getting into a car crash. There is no cure, or any way to remove the pain either. Concussions take their time and have to go away on their own, but over the years, steps and precautions have been made to make sure people are safer from these Traumatic Brain Injuries. Concussions can be a very serious, they cause pain and can happen anywhere, to anyone, but it is possible to prevent this injury from taking place and staying away from its long term effects.
The brain is the body’s ‘command center’. It controls all of the functions in your body. It is a coil of soft, sensitive tissues that float inside of your skull. The skull is a very strong bone and will protect the brain from a lot of problems. But a swift blow to the head or violent shaking can mess with the brain and its protective skull and lead to a type of traumatic brain injury known as a concussion. (Wein 1). The word ‘concussion’ is the historical term that represents a small head injury that causes the brain to shake or jar, which causes problems in the…

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