Conclusion Of The First World War

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On June 28, 2014 the First World War began in Bosnia, and before its end there would according to PBS be over Eight Million people killed in the war earning the war the title of (The
Great War).
While there were several factors that contributed to the war starting such as the arms race between Germany, and Britain in Britain’s bid to possess the dominant Navy in all of Europe, and conflicts in the Balkans over Bosnia.
On June 28’th 1914 Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were in
Sarajevo, capital of Serbia when an assassination bombing attempt by the order of the Black
Hand a group seeking Serbian independence from Austria was thwarted. Upon returning from the hospital Gavrilo Princip from the order saw an opportunity to
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This move tripled trade between the United States, and the Allied nations which caused a boom in production of goods such as food, medical supplies, munitions, and materials such as those used in building. The entire economic backbone of the United States was roaring to win the war, and in 1918 the Great War ended swiftly.
With the end of the war, peace was established. As part of the Treaty of Versailles, the
Central Powers had to give up all conquered territory, and Germany had to pay back the damages it caused during the war which crippled its government, military, and economy. (United States
History, 2015)
With every country of the world virtually broke after the war, and product production being at an all-time high, most trading between countries seized, banks closed, and 1929 the New
York Stock market crashed heralding, a Great Depression. While in Germany, the economic crisis from war debt led to the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi political Nazi party who murdered millions of innocent civilians in mass genocide would start the second Great War

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