How Did Urban Growth Shaped America

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There have been trends that shaped America and helped it to grow. These trends boosted populations in other parts of the United States that were rural and then became urban. A lot of the growth came from new technologies such as low-cost transportation. We will learn what it took to get some of the newer cities going.
Urban growth took off with population growth, increased agricultural productivity, factory production, and low-cost transportation. The population growth was rapid among the urban areas. For the most part it had to do with new technologies. One example was the agricultural technology that would involve fewer farmers on the field. The farmers then would seek work in the city where factories were coming into existence and mass labor was needed. Dave H. Kaplan informed the reader of the multiplier effect. An example of that effect is when laborers move into the city to work at the factories. Some of them might have families. The increase in people in that town will then intern increase the need for more stores. The increase in retail stores will increase the need for workers in those specific shops. As more people hear about the rise in those cities then more workers and families will want to move there. Urban growth was also changed by low-cost transportation. The first mode of transportation was the horse and wagon, then the
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The bathtub model from Dave H. Kaplan’s book helps give the reader a visual of the coastal population. There was a greater concentration of people near the coast then 1,125 miles from the coastline. Today the younger population is more attracted to living in an area that has culture and sites to explore. Many of those destinations are near the beaches. Central states like Wyoming have to work a little harder to attract more

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