Essay about Computers Are Becoming More Of A Necessity

1580 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
In this new generation computers are becoming more of a necessity. On the World Wide Web there are all kinds of obstacles people are faced with that can lead to favorable or vicious consequences. Hacking is steadily growing as a worry for many and this is why the United States has to slow it down at any cost. With identities, financial accounts and other private information being stolen daily, people are looking towards the government for protection. Over the years the government has spent billions of dollars on protecting top secret information from cyber-attacks. These attacks have grown and taking its toll. The jail time is increased for those with the intent of harming the United States. North America has been trying to make an effort of stopping hacks and improving international security. The United States has failed in decreasing computer hacking through the creation of new personal password recognition, heightened security, and teaching ethics education for hackers. Computer hacking has evolved and use the new tools of getting into software. Hacking is the study of modifying hardware or software to accomplish an objective outside the creator’s purpose. Most hackers are self-taught and can have expert-level skills, and new technology is allowing hackers to thrive in this day and age. There are four different types of hacks. White hat hacking is good-natured and harmless. Black hacking is malicious. Gray hacking is non-malicious but it’s not necessarily…

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