Computers And Technology: The Impact Of Technology In The Classroom

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As technology increases new pieces are being used around us, more specifically, in the classrooms. Some people believe that technology such as laptops hinder our learning efficiency while other argue that they can help students. The introduction of laptops to the educational process is controversial to many teens. Even though laptops removed the book factor, they are dampening the learning process, because it creates a distraction, they are difficult to use and it only helps assist the users in finding greater ways to cheat, which is why sticking to pencil and paper is the correct way to go about learning. Students are given a laptop with enough internet access to enjoy any movie, article, game, etc. With these sorts of opportunities, of course plenty of students are going to take advantage of this and waste away the precious hours that they could be paying attention to the lecture or taking down the notes that are needed for later review. A student from Franklin …show more content…
They are put into this class so they have an understanding of the basics and can continue teaching their class, but with the new “advanced” spin. When using laptops for school work, forty three percent responded positively, but thirty seven percent reported "anxiety and/or frustration" about technical problems that hindered their work [Foley]. This direct evidence that this school is almost split fifty/fifty with the kids’ opinions toward or against the computers. If there is this much debate, then I figure it was too much of trouble to begin with. Kids are not able to feel comfortable in the classroom, because of a computer screen planted in from of them every hour of the day, then go home and do the assigned work through the computer and you still take plenty of risks of your computer losing connection, freezing, breaking, or just not sending your homework through

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